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The most successful business sales are conducted by business owners
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Our Process
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About Me

Neil is a graduate from the University of New South Wales, Neil has a solid background in business. His strengths lie in finance, sales, and marketing. He has worked for large corporates, small businesses and start-ups, both locally and offshore. Working across manufacturing, construction and FMCG, he has also been successful in establishing export markets in Asia, North America and the Pacific Islands

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a business broker?

A professional business broker can provide you with many different business opportunities including some that you may never have considered. Frequently we have people buying businesses they had never considered buying until the business broker explained how this business could be suited to them. All our brokers have owned their own businesses, understand and relate to the process you as a buyer are going through and can provide you with helpful information on the business you are considering buying.

An experienced specialist business broker has industry knowledge that can assist you when considering buying a business and will normally have a selection of businesses for you to compare. Our brokers have prepared the necessary information, gathered financial documentation and compiled it in an information memorandum for you to review.

There is no cost to you in buying through a business broker; their fee is paid by the seller.

When can I inspect the business?

Once again, confidentiality is paramount and your business broker will arrange a time with the business owner for you to inspect the business.

A physical inspection of the business should come at a time when you have considered the financial information given to you, are satisfied with this and wish to proceed further. Remember however, that the owner of a business will be very sensitive about your visit. On the one hand they will want to provide you with all the information you require, yet on the other hand they will not want staff to know why you are really there. Please respect this sensitivity and have the courtesy not to embarrass the owner.

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    At LINK, we ensure the 10 biggest mistakes in selling a Business are not made.

    Business owners who choose to instruct exclusively with Link Business and invest in a marketing plan increase their chance of selling by over 350%.

    Source – LINK Sales Data


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